Bilder von zwei Tandem-Etappen der MUT-TOUR 2018

Unterwegs im Abenteuermodus im Zeichen für mehr Offenheit mit Depressionen

Tandem-Etappe 1, Team 1 unterwegs von Hildesheim nach Dresden

Tandem-Etappe 2, Team 2 unterwegs von Dresden nach Regensburg

Gedicht, das während der Tour entstanden ist

I shall and will proclaim to all
Depression isn’t easy go at all

We want to let you know about
A reason why we drive around

We started Dresden on a Monday
With target Regensburg on Sunday

No it was Saturday good folks
It doesn’t matter, week was gone
(weiter unter den Bildern)

Too fast it passed I do regret
Such fun on tandems with tyrett

Oh yes it wasn’t always easy
At times was hard, at times was lazy

6 days 6 persons and 6 seats
No matter what we touch succeeds

We didn’t know each other first
But melt together, borders burst

We’re different individuals at all
But on our tandems wonder wall

We have fulfilled our holy mission
With patience, passion and ambition

Impressed the press with our presence
Told them about depression essence

I’m freakin proud of oll of us
I was mistaken there is trust

Thanks all of you Mut Tour eighteen (2018)
Doubtless we are cooler than the A-Team!